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Exploring for our Future

J. E. James

Mr. James is a founding partner of Addax Exploration LLC and is a 50% owner. Prior to forming Addax, Mr. James has thirty two years of industry experience and participated in a wide range of industry ventures, including serving as President of Taubert Energy for over 10 years.

In the past, Mr James has served in various capacities for Energy leaders such as Frank's Petroleum out of Shreveport and Taubert and Steed Oil Company in Wichita Falls.

He has a wide range of business experience that spans from the grass roots development of a trucking line, the turnaround and successful divestiture of a independant phone company, the development and sale of a credit card company, to the syndication of race horses.

Frank E. Wilson

Mr. Wilson is a 50% owner in Addax Exploration LLC.  Prior to joining Addax, Mr. Wilson served as Vice President of Python Oil and Gas and formed and operated a succesful Oil and Gas investment consulting firm.

He also actively participates in industry ventures in addition to real estate and has built, developed and divested numerous profitable business concerns over the years.

In the Energy Industry, he has worked extensively in developing and evaluating prospects in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. Mr. Wilson is State of Texas Certified Professional Geoscientist, a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology with a minor in Fuels and Mineral Resources from the University of Alabama.